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ERP Development

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At INFORMAN, we are aware of the unique challenges educational institutions experience in effectively running their daily operations.

For this reason, we have created an all-inclusive ERP Development Solution means (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that is especially suited for educational institutions.

Our user-friendly and reliable solution simplifies administrative work, improves communication, and frees up teachers to concentrate on what really counts: delivering excellent education.

Our Approach to ERP Software Services

We provides amazing benefits for the school’s and colleges to makes the educational institutions management system easier with our ERP Development System.

The educational has various small systems, i.e. Director,Principal, Staff, Manager, Accounts Department, Examination Department, Parent’s , students, etc.

All the systems should be operated simultaneously and they should be kept coordinated all the time. Therefore, using ERP software will help for perfect Education system management.

ERP Development

Our ERP Development Features

Why Choose ERP Solution?

Reduced Management

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual processes. Our ERP solution automates various administrative tasks such as attendance, admissions, fee management, and more, saving valuable time and resources.

Enhanced Communication

Better communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff with built-in communication tools such as messaging systems, announcements, and alerts.

Centralized Data

Keep all your student, staff, and administrative data organized and easily accessible from one centralized platform. Say goodbye to scattered files and folders.

Customizable Modules

Our ERP solution fit the unique needs of your institution with customizable modules. Whether you’re a small school or a large university.

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Collaborative Approach

We believe in transparent communication and collaborate web design process, ensuring that your vision is realized every step of the way.

Support and Maintenance

Our commitment doesn’t end. We offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your software remains secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best.


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Let's Get Start with ERP Software.


1. How much does a custom ERP system cost?

Our pricing plan is $0.30 per student which covers everything from managing your software to modern training and development.

2. What is an ERP solution, and how does it benefit educational institutions?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a software system that integrates various functions within an organization, such as finance, human resources, and operations, into a single platform. For schools and colleges, ERP systems streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, improve data management, and provide insights for better decision-making.

3. What features are typically included in ERP solutions for educational institutions?

ERP solutions for schools and colleges often include features such as student information management, attendance tracking, gradebook management, resource scheduling, finance and accounting modules, HR management, and communication tools for parents, students, and staff.

4. How can ERP solutions improve the efficiency of school and college operations?

By automating routine tasks, centralizing data management, and providing real-time insights, ERP solutions help educational institutions operate more efficiently. They reduce manual errors, streamline workflows, and enable administrators to allocate resources effectively.

5. Are ERP solutions customizable to meet the specific needs of each school or college?

Yes, ERP solutions can be customized to accommodate the unique requirements and workflows of different educational institutions. Our agency works closely with clients to understand their needs and tailor the ERP system accordingly, ensuring maximum effectiveness and usability.

6. How does your agency provide ongoing support and training for schools and colleges using ERP solutions?

Our agency offers comprehensive training and support services to ensure smooth adoption and usage of ERP solutions by schools and colleges. We provide training sessions for administrators, staff, and faculty, as well as ongoing technical support and updates to address any issues or concerns that may arise.

7. How do I get started with your services?

Reach out to us for a consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals and create a customized plan.